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How to Form a Corporation in Missouri

At the Piatchek Law Firm, our attorneys assist clients with business law concerns every day, including incorporating businesses. Corporations are one of several business entities available in the state of Missouri. There are also many different types of corporations available to businesses, some of which are special types of corporations enabled under Missouri Law, including the following:

In addition, some corporations are enabled under federal tax laws, such as the following:

For a discussion of the different types of business entities, please review our page “Types of Business Entities,” or click on the above links to visit our pages devoted to the various types.

Missouri Corporations: Basic Facts

How to Form a Corporation in MissouriA corporation is, essentially, much like a separate legal person. And as a separate entity, a corporation can enter into business arrangements and contracts, and the corporation will be obligated under those arrangements (rather than a specific person). Therefore, the persons involved in forming the corporation may be able to conduct business without having to personally involve their own names, their own credit, and their own assets. The division of power between the three branches of the corporation (shareholders, officers, board of directors) provides “checks and balances” within the management and operation of the company, much like the three branches of our federal government.

A corporation often will have multiple owners (called shareholders) and a centralized board that governs the actions of the corporation (called a board of directors), as well as a team of managers, such as the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, who handle the day-to-day operations of the corporation (called officers). The law does allow a corporation in Missouri to have just one shareholder, who can act as the officers and board of directors as well. This is called a “single-shareholder corporation.”

Individuals who choose to form a corporation are called incorporators. Incorporators must file the appropriate documentation with the Missouri Secretary of State, providing the required information regarding the new corporation being formed, as well as some optional information (there may be advantages or disadvantages to providing such information). Once the new corporation is approved, it has rights and may function much like a separate legal person, as described above.

Additional Information

To learn more about the various types of corporations in Missouri, please check out the following links:

To learn more about the many types of business entities in Missouri, see our page “Types of Business Entities.” To compare and contrast LLCs and corporations, please visit our page “Form an LLC or a Corporation?

In addition, please note that limited liability companies (LLCs) may also be taxed as subchapter S corporations, an option that many of our clients have chosen. For more information on limited liability companies, please see our Limited Liability Company (LLC) page.

Incorporating a Business in Missouri

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