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Contract Law Overview

Contract Attorney in Springfield Missouri

Contract Attorney in Springfield MO

At the Piatchek Law Firm, our attorneys can help you at every stage of contract law, including contract creation, review, and enforcement. We can meet with you when you need to draw up a contract, and we can help you review a contract someone else drew up (preferably before you sign it). Additionally, we can help you enforce a contract, or defend against an attack of your contract, should you find yourself in need of either service. Whatever your contract needs are, our contract attorneys can help.

The Importance of Contracts

When properly done, contracts can prevent future misunderstandings by clearly defining the rights and obligations of each party.  This is true no matter how big or small the transaction may be. By having everything in writing, misunderstandings are avoided, and the risk of future litigation or liability is minimized. Contracts also allow you to address future possibilities if they occur, even if those possibilities are unlikely – so you are covered.

Creating a Contract

A contract is simply an agreement between two or more parties that is legally enforceable. A contract is created when those parties agree to exchange something of value. For example, a painter agrees to paint your kitchen, and you agree to pay a certain amount for those services – and a contract is created.  Contracts are a common and indispensable feature of everyday life.   Missouri law requires that almost all contracts be in writing, and you should always do so, or otherwise risk your agreement being unenforceable.

Contract Review

In both personal and business situations, you may be asked to sign a contract prepared by another party. Our contract attorneys can review the contract, answer your questions, explain various clauses and provisions, and help you determine what changes may be necessary, or whether you should sign it.

Meet with a Contract Attorney Before Signing a Contract

The single most common mistake that we see clients make is signing a contract without first talking to an attorney. This can often cost the uninformed party far more in time, worry, and expense when compared with the cost of simply meeting with an attorney beforehand. We could have very easily saved many people time and money if they would have called us ahead of time, before signing the contract. Please remember that it is almost always less expensive to hire an attorney than to not hire one!

Using Boilerplate Contracts

Many individuals, including business owners, try to save time and money by using fill-in-the-blank, boiler-plate contracts found online, trusting that these forms will adequately protect their rights. However, these cookie-cutter forms are not customized for the party’s specific needs, and may overlook important aspects of the transaction and leave the parties vulnerable to later misunderstandings or problems.


How Else Can Our Contract Attorney Help?

At Piatchek Law Firm, our attorneys will help you determine the exact type of contract you need for your personal or business situation.  We can meet with you to discuss and draw up a contract. If someone asks you to sign a contract, we can review it to be sure it is in your best interest, and we can propose changes that better suit your needs.  We can also negotiate contract terms on your behalf, and assist you in resolving any issues that may arise concerning the signed contract, including filing suit to enforce the contract if necessary.

While no contract can cover every single possibility, the goal of a contract is to cover as many reasonable contingencies as possible, while covering the main points of the transaction.  Doing so will leave no room for later misunderstandings.

How to Get Started

At The Piatchek Law Firm, LLC, our contract attorneys are ready to assist you with your contract needs, whether having a contract created, reviewed, negotiated, or litigated.  You can call us or send us an email and set up your initial consultation, which can be provided in person or by the phone. Many of our clients send us the contract they want reviewed beforehand, so that when we meet with them, we already have reviewed it and can get right down to business.  If you need a contact written, simply set a time to meet with our contract attorney to begin the process. 

We can assist you with almost any type of contract, with the following being some of the most common:

To discuss your contract needs with one of our attorneys, schedule an initial consultation by calling our offices directly at 417-882-5858 or by contacting us online.

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