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Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

If you are starting a business in Missouri, growing a business, scaling a business, merging businesses, adding partners, or buying out partners, you certainly could use the advice of a good business lawyer.  Having a trusted business attorney on call is especially important if:

  • You find yourself desiring general business advice; 
  • You have regulatory compliance standards to meet.
  • You have questions about whether you or your business would be liable in certain situations.
  • You have employment law concerns, or have a problem employee..
  • You have an angry or upset customer.
  • Those upset customers are leaving you negative reviews online, or spreading negative information about your business.
  • Your business will be buying or selling real estate.
  • You will be adding or removing partners or owners to your business
  • You are buying or selling a business, or merging with another business.
  • You have received a demand letter.

A good business attorney can save your business time, money, and headache. That’s why it is often more expensive to NOT hire an attorney than to simply hire one! 

Additionally, consider the fact that Attorney Joseph J. Piatchek started his own business from scratch, owns multiple businesses and has to deal with all of the above concerns, just like you do, so who better to help you with your business concerns than a business lawyer who is also a business owner?

What Is a Business Lawyer’s Role?

A Business Lawyer’s role can often be as involved as you would like it to be, ranging from giving specific advice on rare occasions to giving you regular, general counsel on a wide range of topics.  There is no one size fits all plan for a business. The key is to find a firm that is the right fit for your business, that matches your expectations regarding service, availability, quality, and price.

Starting a Business

Are you thinking of starting a new business?  A good business lawyer can advise a client on establishing a new business entity such as a Missouri LLC, corporation, proprietorship, partnership,  S corporation, or other business type.

We are also experienced in establishing nonprofit corporations and assisting with ongoing operations of non-profits, including assisting boards, directors, and officers. We not only prepare and file documents that will keep you in compliance with Missouri corporation law but also give a full range of business legal advice.

Guidance for Transactions

A good business attorney can also help your business with drafting and examining contracts, writing or interpreting other legal or technical wording, advising clients on matters of professional duty, and conducting purchases, sales, mergers, or acquisitions. 

Civil Litigation

If something goes wrong in business, which will eventually happen in any business, you will need a good business attorney to turn to. 

If your business needs to sue, is being sued, or has questions about lawsuits, you will want the advice of a good business lawyer.

When Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

You probably need a business attorney sooner than you think. Perhaps you picture calling an attorney only if and when a problem arises.  However, a good business attorney can often help you keep trouble from arising to begin with, by proactively creating beneficial contract terms, as well as business systems and procedures that help prevent problems from ever beginning.  Inevitably, there will eventually be a problem that you will need assistance with.

Common situations requiring an attorney are:


At the Piatchek Law Firm, we often can help our clients spot issues before they become problems, help proactively plan to avoid problems, point out common problems and mistakes that we have seen with our many other clients, and also help you clean up a problem once it has popped up.

How Much Will I Pay to Hire a Business Law Firm?

Please keep in mind that HIRING an attorney is almost always cheaper than NOT hiring one.  People often try to save money by not hiring an attorney, and it is a very costly decision in the long run.  Avoidable mistakes often cause increased cost, time, effort, and stress.

That said, we know legal fees are a concern, especially for sole proprietors and smaller organizations. This is why for many transactional services, we can provide flat fees, and discounted upfront payment agreements for many business clients. For business litigation, we provide an exceptional experience at fair and reasonable hourly rates.

Additionally, on a case by case basis, our office may set up special payment plans, as outlined on our Affordable Legal Services page.

What Should I Expect When I Hire a Business Lawyer?

We believe you should expect your law firm to explain your options with care, let you know pricing information before you commit to any service, return messages and calls promptly, and treat you as we’d like to be treated. This is no small order, and we’re committed to it. One of our most appreciated client reviews thanks our firm for treating clients like family; we strive to live up to that level of trust in every client interaction.

We’ll take time to understand your immediate concerns—and your long-term goals and expectations. We’ll review the potential legal ramifications of your options, in the context of your goals and the generally accepted business practices in your industry. We’ll be ready, when needed, to fight for what you value.

We’re dedicated to providing knowledgeable, dependable, and professional legal representation to you and your business.

Legal Support Can Strengthen Your Missouri Business. Find Out More.

Whether your primary needs are transactional or you’re looking for an excellent litigation team, the Piatchek Law Firm welcomes your call or email.. We assist business clients throughout Missouri, including Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Branson, and can be of assistance in Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, and Jefferson City.  We also assist out-of-state clients with business interests in Missouri.

We await your call at 417-882-5858 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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