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An Open Letter To Our Future Clients

By Joseph Piatchek, Managing Attorney of the Piatchek Law Firm, LLC

Hello, my name is Joe Piatchek, Managing Attorney of the Piatchek Law Firm, LLC. I am writing to you today on behalf or all of our attorneys and support staff in order to tell you about our firm. Simply put, we are not like other attorneys; and our firm is not like other law firms. If you will give me a moment, I will explain. There are a few core principles that govern the way we do business, and the way we handle your case. Here are just a few of those beliefs:

Joseph J. Piatchek

Our attorneys are accessible.

We pride ourselves on being very accessible to clients. We try our very best to return phone calls promptly, usually within 24 hours.We take our time with each and every client to explore all the options and explain all the details, so that you will be able to make educated, informed decisions. We combine the friendly service you expect of a small, locally owned business, with the honest and knowledgeable advice you expect from a trusted advisor. When you contact our office, you can talk with me, personally, or any of our attorneys, not just our secretarial or support staff – though we know you will find our paralegals and assistants helpful. We go out of our way to only hire the most friendly and helpful people to work with us; this is very important to us.

We offer reasonable and affordable fees and payment plans.

In the long run, it is usually less expensive to hire an attorney than to not hire an attorney. The problems that result from not getting legal advice that you need, when you need it, are often very expensive problems. To help, we have done our best to make our prices affordable, so that you can afford legal services now, before your problems grow. We offer flat fee arrangements on many of our non-litigation services, such as wills, trusts, uncontested divorces, and incorporation of businesses, so that you know what it will cost before you begin. And for our litigation services, we offer great experience for reasonable hourly fees. Free or low-cost consultations are available for many matters. We accept credit cards. We may arrange payment plans for some matters or work with you on the price of services, if necessary, and sometimes we can offer discounts for upfront payments paid in full. For more information, please click on the Affordable Legal Services tab.

We are committed to open and honest legal representation.

As an attorney, it is my duty to do what is best for my clients. Sometimes this means holding my client’s hand as I guide them in the right direction and tell them that everything is going to be okay. Other times, this may mean telling a client exactly what they don’t want to hear, perhaps even telling them that they are wrong, because it is exactly what they need to hear. In either situation, the one common thread is honesty. You will always get my honest opinion, often whether you ask for it or not. I have found that the single most important thing I can do to help a client is to give them complete and total honesty. If I give my best effort, am honest with my client, and my client is honest with me, things seem to have a way of working out for the best. And I know all of our staff members and attorneys feel exactly the same way, and we all share the same commitment to honest, fair representation.

As a client, we believe you deserve more.

Businesses have “customers,” while lawyers have “clients.” What is the difference? Clients deserve to receive all the benefits they would receive as a “customer” of any business, such as communicating with knowledgeable staff and knowing prices and features before a purchase. Should attorneys not abide by the same basic principles as well? Additionally, as a client you deserve to be treated with the highest level of honesty, confidentiality, respect, and compassion. Clients deserve to have an attorney who has their clients’ best interests in mind. Therefore, in addition to striking a proper balance between high ethical standards and sound business practices, I have made it a point to apply some basic “customer” service principles into our law practice, while still delivering the highest level of quality in our legal services. Thus, we take our time to explain features and options, we inform you of the price of a service before you purchase, and we provide basic courtesies like returning phone calls promptly. And why not? Are attorneys above such “basic” things? I certainly don’t think so.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Piatchek Law Firm, LLC, anytime via phone or email or stop by our office. Thank you for your time.


Joseph J. Piatchek
Attorney and Counselor at Law
The Piatchek Law Firm, LLC

Originally written in 2005. Last updated March 19, 2016. Holy smokes, has it really been more than 10 years?

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