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Civil Litigation Attorney

Litigation Attorney

At the Piatchek Law Firm, our defense attorneys handle civil litigation matters with care, dedication, and time-tested expertise whether they are solved inside or outside of the courtroom. We encourage early settlement discussions when appropriate, and we promptly bring settlement opportunities to your attention. In addition, we identify and notify you of all opportunities to use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures, such as mediation, to resolve your case. ADR may impose fewer costs than litigation, give you greater confidentiality, and provide you with greater control over the selection of the individual (or individuals) who will decide your dispute. However, we will never handle your case planning on settlement; we work on every case as if it is going to trial. After all, there comes a time when cases may not be able to be solved outside of the courtroom, and it is time to fight for your rights. In these types of circumstances, you need an experienced lawyer who can not only give you legal advice, but can also aggressively pursue your case and help you achieve the most favorable outcome. At the Piatchek Law Firm, our litigation attorneys handle many types of civil litigation matters, including the following: Although many cases do settle, we will forge a careful strategy for your litigation to make sure your case is thoroughly prepared for trial. Click here to find a summary of our approach to trial preparation.

We Understand the Costs of Civil Litigation

We offer our clients excellent representation at reasonable fees. We begin by sitting down with you, discussing your goals, and telling you what we believe are the necessary and optional steps to resolve your litigation. Then, we explain to you the likely outcome of the litigation and its costs. Because litigation is expensive, we do explore settlement early and imaginatively. We recognize that the best time to settle a case is at the outset, before you incur substantial legal fees. Unfortunately, many litigants explore settlement only after expensive discovery has been completed, and the trial date is rapidly approaching. Often, the amount of legal fees that the litigants incur by the time of trial is so high, settlement becomes difficult. Most “litigators” are not trial veterans and take vast amounts of expensive and unnecessary discovery while overlooking crucial evidence. As a matter of course, we spend substantial time with you at the outset of your case to make sure only appropriate discovery is completed. We use other means to control the cost of litigation as well, such as having you take an active role in your case. The more input and assistance you give us, the better the result and the more affordable the price. Once we are retained, we give you monthly billing statements specifically detailing the services we perform, when we perform them, and how long they take. Click here to find specific ways we reduce your costs of litigation.

We Know How to Use Experts

Sometimes experts are needed during civil litigation. Expert testimony provides helpful information to the judge or jury and may decide the outcome of your case. We understand how to use expert witnesses, what services they can provide, and what these services should cost. This knowledge can drastically change how you proceed with your litigation. Click here to explore the types of experts we have used in litigation.

We Serve More Than Just the Ozarks

We currently have multiple attorneys dedicated to assisting individuals, families, and small businesses with a wide variety of legal issues. Most of our services are provided right here in southwest Missouri and the Ozarks. However, we do provide a significant amount of legal services throughout the entire state. For example, many of our clients live outside of Missouri but have issues that require representation in Missouri. For more information, please give us a call at 417-882-5858 to schedule your complimentary consultation.
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