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Affordable LLC Formation in Missouri

With the help of the Piatchek Law Firm, starting your new business and establishing your LLC will be a simple and affordable process. In today’s economy, we understand that a “one-size-fits-all” price structure is not the answer – so we established multiple options for every type of client and budget. Our different types of representation offer varying levels of service to clients with unique goals.

All clients want knowledgeable attorneys who provide good service at a fair price – and we provide that every time. However, we have also noticed that some clients have complicated cases, while others have exceedingly simple cases. Some clients are driven by high quality and personal attention from their attorney, while other clients are driven primarily by price. Thus, we have established several types of plans to satisfy the needs of our diverse clients.

Full-Service Option

Some clients have numerous questions and concerns and want close, personal attention from their attorney – and they are willing to pay for it. For these clients we offer a full-service option. For one reasonable, flat fee, we will handle the case from start to finish, including all phone calls, in-office meetings, necessary changes to documents (if any are required), in-office notary and signing services, and regular status updates regarding the case. If this level of service appeals to you, schedule your complimentary consultation and ask about our full-service option.

Price-Based Option

For other clients, the cost of the legal service is their primary concern. They believe their case is simple, and they want it handled efficiently and properly for a reasonable price. If they don’t mind conversing over phone and email, don’t require any notary services, and don’t have many questions, they may prefer our price-based option. This option is especially popular with the clients we represent throughout the State of Missouri that are not located in the southwestern Missouri area, such as our clients in Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, Jefferson City, Joplin, and Lake of the Ozarks.

With these clients especially in mind, we have created Affordable Legal Services, a special division of our firm, which provides reasonable flat rates for basic legal concerns. This is especially appealing for clients who want their case done right, so they want an attorney to handle it, but also want to save on cost. If this describes you, click here to get a free quote for your case right now.

Multiple Payment Options

We also offer reasonable flat rates for for most types of basic will and trust services. Additionally, we are flexible and willing to work with our clients to offer payment options that many law firms may not offer:

  • Reduced Fee for Up Front Payment. We can often offer a reduction in the total flat fee that we charge, if you pay the entire fee, up front, when you hire us at your initial consultation.
  • Payment Plans. We offer payment plans to many of our uncontested divorce clients. We establish payment plans on a case by case basis, and can work with you to make a plan that you can afford and you can stick with.
  • Credit Cards. We accept all major credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Affordable LLC Formation in Missouri

A relatively new type of business entity offering several advantages over more traditional business structures such as corporations, the limited liability company (LLC) has quickly become the most popular business entity for small business owners.

At The Piatchek Law Firm, LLC, assisting new business owners and forming LLC’s is nothing new to us. Clients choose us because of our familiarity with the LLC, and because we can offer them a high degree of personal attention, typically at a reasonable flat rate. Our lawyer will work closely with you during the LLC formation stage as he prepares and files all the necessary documents to set up your LLC in compliance with Missouri law, whether you are forming a new LLC, or “incorporating” your existing business as an LLC.

If you are looking for an affordable, reasonable solution for forming an LLC, call us at 417-233-0493 or send us an e-mail to schedule a meeting. We offer free consultations* for anyone thinking about setting up an LLC, or starting a business.

Additional Information on Forming an LLC in MO

The choice to form a Missouri business entity, including an LLC, is an important decision. For additional information on various aspects of Missouri LLCs, please see our additional pages and links to the following topics:

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