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Ancillary Probate

Ancillary Probate

Missouri Ancillary Probate Attorney Services

What happens when a person dies and owns property in more than one state?  Sometimes, an ancillary probate may be required.  Sometimes there will be a “primary” or “main” probate estate in one state, and then an “anciallary” or “junior” probate estate in the other state.  So, if you own real estate that is located outside of your home state, or perhaps you own other personal property including a car, boat, or airplane, that is registered and titled outside of your home state, and you pass away with any of those items still “stuck” titled in your own name, an ancillary probate may be necessary. You may also need to consider ancillary probate services if you are concerned with mineral, oil, gas, or livestock rights associated with any real estate that you own outside of your home state.

There is one important matter to keep in mind:  the Missouri statutes do not provide for ancillary probate proceedings in the state of Missouri.  This means that a Missouri PRIMARY probate estate can potentially have an ANCILLARY probate estate outside of Missouri; however, a probate estate located outside the state of Missouri cannot have an ancillary probate estate in Missouri.  ALL Missouri probate estates are original to the state of Missouri and are completely independent of any other probate estates located outside of Missouri, and Missouri probate estates cannot be ancillary to any other state’s probate proceedings.  R.S.Mo. 473.668.

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